YouSeeLogic Featured in the Bustle Magazine

Date: March 21, 2018


YouSeeLogic was featured in Bustle Magazine, “What Happens to Your Body When You Masturbate Regularly” (March 21st).

“If you ask me, masturbation is one of life’s greatest joys: not only does it feel amazing to give yourself the gift of orgasm, but it’s also empowering AF to get to know your own body in a sexual way — and that’s not to mention all the awesome health benefits of masturbation, too. Aside from just sexually satisfying you, masturbating regularly has tons of other beneficial effects on your body and mind, like boosting your self-esteem, lowering your stress levels, and helping you learn how you like to experience pleasure…”


Masturbation is the shit, ya’ll.  No joke.  It is the best way to not only learn about your body; but to also understand how your pleasure can be cultivated through touch.  Masturbation is not dangerous nor does it have a negative effect on your overall health; but it can be associated with elevated levels of emotional distress in more conservative religious, cultural and social environments.  When it comes to how often to “too often”…well the key things to remember is that it should not impede your ability to function in your daily life, nor should it be used in a compulsive manner.  If that is the case, send out an S.O.S signal to a mental health professional who specializes in sexuality. One thing we must all keep in mind is that being sexual is your human right; and there is no shame in learning your pleasure. Check out my thoughts in latest @bustle article about masturbation. [Link in bio] Happy Hump Day! #humpday #bustle #youseelogic #sextips #sextalk #selfcare #wednesdaywisdom #sexytimelearning #sexeducation #dontbeshy #noshame #bodypositive #selflove #getintoit

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