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Intersections of Racism and Power: Healthcare Redefined | December 12, 2020 | Understand your role in the movement to dismantle racism in the wellness and healthcare industry and design your own action plan. Review the history of racism, evaluate intersections of racism in the LGBTQ+ communities and study evidence-based frameworks and approaches to address racism at the individual and systemic level.

Firstly, it was a professionally excellent teaching & learning experience with a reflective group. What I was also blown away by was the generosity of spirit & knowledge that UC brought to her teaching.  I was moved & profoundly grateful to learn from her about the history of & current status of systemic & institutionalized racism in the US. And also to cast my thoughts wider to revisit the impact of colonialism around the world. The decades of consequences, injustice & inequity.

Emma Stokes, PhD

President, World Physiotherapy, Head of Department of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Science, Qatar University

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Dr. UC offers virtual education, counseling and coaching sessions which are available to individuals, couples and groups. Schedule a session with Dr. UC! Topics and services include but are not limited to: sexuality counseling and coaching, anti-racism training, curriculum planning and development for clinical, management, and administrative staff in diversity and inclusion, sex, sexuality, sexual health, intersectionality and more.

Bourbon Talez

I love Bourbon. I also am a fan of keeping it real when it comes to all things related to “sexytimes”. Bourbon Talez is the product of my love of sexual empowerment and intelligence.

This is your opportunity to ask me questions regarding ANYTHING related to sexytimes (Don’t trip. This is confidential), and I will give you my input or advice while sipping on my bourbon bev.

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