Sexuality Counseling

Sexuality Counseling

Sexuality counseling is focused on providing you with comprehensive sexual education and assessment specific to the environment you live in. The purpose of the sexuality counseling session is to help you identify the potential challenge in your sexual relationship with yourself and/or your partner(s); while giving you specific direction and techniques to improve your sexual function. Sexuality counseling DOES NOT take the place of sex therapy (can only be provided by a licensed mental health provider); which is focused on addressing the psychological and emotional factors that are driving your sexual challenges. The sexual counseling sessions will never involve a physical assessment. All you need to get started is a pen and paper/virtual notebook and an open mind!

Packages (Recommended)

  • Two Session Package
    Initial Assessment (60 minutes) + One, 55-minute Follow-up Visit: $300
  • Three Session Package
    Initial Assessment + Two, 55-minute Follow-up Visits: $435
  • Four Session Package
    Initial Assessment + Three, 55-minute Follow-up Visits: $575

Sexuality Counseling Session (A la Carte)

  • Initial Assessment: $175 (60 minutes)
  • Follow-up Visit: $150 (55 minutes)
  • Follow-up Visit: $80 (30 minutes)

*Cancellation Fee: $75 (Less than 24 hours’ notice)