GirlsGoneStrong Collaboration: Genital Body Image and Sexual Wellness

Date: March 28, 2018

Location: Girls Gone Strong


YouSeeLogic collaborated with GirlsGoneStrong for a feature article focused on genital body image and sexual wellness. Check out “How Genital Body Image Impacts Our Sex Life”.

No one really tells us how to be sexual beings. Most of us learn through our poorly informed friends, uncomfortable parents, porn, or through a highly scientific sex ed class that conveniently skips over the pelvic floor and concepts of pleasure and consent.

Our instincts, body expectations, and sexual scripts have been shaped and imprinted over several years of images and stories seen in romantic comedies, television, magazines, and even pornography. Unfortunately, pleasure and body confidence are not at the center of this “imprinting” process, which may explain why female sexual dysfunction has become the new “bestie” for women…

Female sexual desire disorder occurs in approximately 60 percent of women and anorgasmia — the persistent inability to achieve orgasm despite responding to sexual stimulation — occurs in an estimated 35 percent of women [3-5]…