Explore More Summit 2019

Start date: February 25, 2019

End date: March 6, 2019

Location: Online

Virtual Events

Wanting to explore more about sex and sexuality?!  I am truly honored to be a speaker at The Explore More Summit founded by the incomparable Dawn Serra). This is a FREE, online, 10-day summit on sex and sexuality and how to reignite joy and passion from February 25th to March 6th. It is truly inclusive and accessible with closed captions and transcripts available upon request(for a small fee). Not to mention there will be some BADASS speakers such as Dr. Lori Brotto, Emily Nagoski (author of “Come As You Are) , Melissa Pintor Carnagey (founder of Sex Positive Families), Dalychia and Rafaella (founders of Afrosexology), Sonalee Rashatwar (commonly known as “The Fat Sex Therapist” on Instagram), and soooo many more amazing humans.
Click on the YouSeeLogic link to get registered for your free ticket and other conference goodies and ready to learn!!!!
Watch the trailer below!