“I used to masturbate a lot. Can that destroy my clitoral sensation?”

“I used to masturbate a lot. Can that destroy my clitoral sensation?”

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Wednesday confessions: Did I break my clitoris with “too much” masturbation?! ???? Ok, let’s break this down for a sec. The clitoris is the only part of the anatomy whose primary job is pleasure. That’s right. PLEASURE, folks. So if that is the case, don’t you think the clitoris can handle it’s fair load of solo and partnered sexytime?! YES IT CAN! ??? But, just like any badass female identifying human, the lovely clitoris can be a touch on the complicated side. And the key to working well with complicated people and clitorises is understanding where they come from and what makes them tick and ticked off.???? You also have to understand that what felt good for a few years, months, or days…. may not feel the same tomorrow. That doesn’t mean you broke your shit, it means your body is craving something different. Tune in tonight for more clitoris knowledge! ? by the lovely @mbkoeth #clitoris #sexualhealth #wednesdaywisdom #wtfisthis #womenshealth #sexytimelearning #instagood #youseelogic

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