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Sexuality Counseling Online Sessions:

  • Initial assessment (virtual/online): $140 (55 minutes)
  • Follow-up session: $120 (50 minutes) $65 (30 minutes)
  • Cancellation fee: $50 (Less than 24 hours’ notice)

*5% discount when you purchase a 4 session package (including initial assessment)

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***In-person or weekend intensive sessions available upon request

****Out-of-town consultation, travel costs apply (Austin,TX residents are excluded from travel fees)

Not sure what services your need?

  • Consultation: 10 minutes (FREE!!) *Book fast, space is always limited
  • Cancellation fee: $50  = If given more than 48 hours notice. The full cost of the session is deducted if given less than 48 hours notice.

What is a Sexuality Counseling Session?

The sexuality counseling session is focused on providing you with immediate and comprehensive sexual education and assessment to help address your sexual concerns.  Sexuality counseling does NOT take the place of mental health/sex therapy; which is focused on addressing the psychological and emotional factors that are contributing to the challenges you are seeing your sex life.  This session will never involve a physical assessment and is meant to be a short-term intervention.   According to American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapist, “Counselors assist the client to realistically resolve concerns through the introduction of problem solving techniques of communication as well as providing accurate information and relevant suggestions of specific exercises and techniques in sexual expression. Sexuality counseling is generally short term and client centered, focusing on the immediate concern or problem.”.

What is the difference between sexuality counseling and sex therapy?

Sex therapy is designed to address ALL of the components that inform your sexual functioning through in-depth psychotherapy.  Thus, sex therapy can only be provided by a licensed mental health professional.  Sexuality counselors can be anyone from a wide range of professions from teachers to clergy to doctors and nurses; thus, they do not provide in-depth psychotherapy as part of their interventions.